Mike & Tisha


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Meet Mike & Tisha, they had a beautiful red & white wedding in Marietta, Ga on the 5th of July. Mike & Tisha are both in the military and have the cutest kids! I enjoyed shooting their wedding and the guest were getting down on the dance floor. Hope you enjoy their teasers…

Sealed With a kiss Photography

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Christine & Harvey


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Meet Christine & Harvey! Christine decided for her birthday she wanted to have professional pictures done of her and her sweetie, she wanted something outside in the park so we decided on Piedmont park (such a beautiful choice). They were a great couple to work with and it was my pleasure…

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This is day 4 of the ultimate blog challenge

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Head Shots for Lauren


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Meet Lauren, she was offered an awesome job working with troubled youth. She needed some businesses profile shots for the company’s website so we met at Piedmont Park to get some great outside shots.




Congrats Lauren on your new job!

Spring Engagement Session, Peplum Style!


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I am still working hard but I wanted to share a engagement session I did this weekend with Erick & Tierra. Tierra picked the cutest outfits for her engagement pictures, she chose a  peplum dress & a peplum top with white skinny jeans for two different locations. Tierra and her fiance did a great job of coordinating their outfits. Congrats to the couple and as you can see the bride to be worked the camera. 🙂



What your having the baby, Im on my way!


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So my friend Tiffany called me when she started having her contractions due to her Dr. accidentally breaking her water before little mans time (lol)! I was in the middle of a session but rushed to the hospital as soon as I was done.

When I arrived to the hospital the baby was still in her tummy, we walked the hospital floor, watched an episode of scandal & watched her and daddy play video games to pass the time. Four hours passed and still no baby, boy was I beat, it was time for me to go lay it down. So I left the hospital and promised to return the next day.

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Two hours after I get home I get a text that little man has arrived! I arrive the next day to capture a few shots of little man to share with friends and family (boy did he have lots of hair).

IMG_9043 IMG_9044 IMG_9047 IMG_9059 IMG_9064 IMG_9079 IMG_9082IMG_9095-2

Congrats mommy & daddy you did great!

To see Little Mans Baby Shower click here, the theme was Little Man!

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Meet the Mcglone kids!


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Last week I had a session with the Mcglone family, we decided to shoot at the park (it was a beautiful day)! They were so silly and playful and I love the sisterly love the girls have. Enyjoy…






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Getting a facelift


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 I’ve been photographing for a few years and have progressed over time and will continue to learn to perfect my craft.

As life and family dynamics have changed so have I and so it’s time to update my professional life to match me.  

 So far 2013 has been great, booking more clients and weddings. Catching all those special moments for my clients that will hang on their wall, sit on a coffee tell and even hang on a billboard off the highway.

I can’t wait to share with you the new look, it will be fun, jazzy and a little mature. Stay tuned…


Genae Banks



The Evans Wedding


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I had the pleasure of shooting the Evans Wedding two weeks ago, what a lovely couple. I really enjoyed shooting their wedding and all the guest were so nice and pleasant. I don’t know much about the bride and groom but soon as I saw the bride tear up she made me cry behind the lens (sshhh don’t tell any one). Here’s a few images from the wedding…

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2012 (a few of my favorite portraits)


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Thank you everyone for a great year & your business! Genae XOXO

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